Friday, September 23, 2005

Move America Forward


The Anti-Cindy Tour is hitting Cincinnati today!

Cincinnati, OH

5:00-6:00 PM - News Conference & Rally on front steps of City Hall - at 801 Plum Street. “Support the Troops” banner-sheets will be on display, for you to sign and include a message of support. The sheets will be sent to the troops upon the completion of the nationwide bus tour and Washington, D.C. rally.

Audience members will recite the pledge of allegiance to protest the ruling against the pledge by activist U.S. District Judge, Lawrence Karlton.

--> The address is 801 Plum Street, Cincinnati, OH.

Move America Forward has more details about the tour and the rally in DC this weekend. Boy, wouldn't you just love to be there for that? Maybe Boq will go and get pix for us! (hint hint... come on Boq- you know you want to)

Thanks to Ry, who pointed this out to me in comments under my "Lilly" post. YOU RAWK! I wish I had the digital camera (drat) but I'll stop and get a disposable camera and get the best pictures I can.


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