Sunday, May 14, 2006

M is for the.....

M is for the Many Women in my life who qualify as "Mom". Some have fleshy children, some have furry children, and some just act like children at heart. All have influenced me, and I'm grateful for it.

O is for the Other People in my life who aren't Mothers at all. They're the Fathers. And like the Mothers, some have fleshy children, some have furry ones, and some just act like children at heart. It has been my experience that finding such compassionate, caring, and "motherly" qualities in men is a real treat. I hope you all have Other People in your life like I do.

M is for the Many Miracles in our lives that make us Mothers and Fathers. I thank God every day for my babies and the children of those I love. Yesterday my brother, Mom, Kevin and I drove 3 hours- ONE WAY- for my cousin's baby's first birthday. Yep. 3 hours. Each way. Because we knew how important family is, and how important it is to celebrate those Little Miracles called "babies". Happy birthday, Aiden. You are a much-loved child.

M is for the Memories of my life. From early childhood memories with my family all the way up to this morning, when I was awakened by bounding children, happy to greet me simply because I'm their Mom. No other reason. I wasn't doing anything special- I was just sleeping. But seeing their smiling faces, hearing the enthusiasm in their voices as they shouted "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOMMY! OPEN MY PRESENT FIRST!", was priceless. Kevin made the cutest handprint picture and beaded necklace at school. Thomas went shopping with Bryan yesterday, and shocked the hell out of me. They bought me my own digital camera. We're getting divorced, as you all know, so I wasn't expecting anything at all. Previous Mother's Days brought cards, and that's about it. So such an extravagant gift in the middle of a divorce was just flabbergasting. He also made my breakfast and I got to sleep in a little- all extremely unexpected and very, very appreciated. And now that I have a new camera, I'll be able to capture all of those moments, making lasting memories to look back upon for years to come. Thank you so much.

Y is for the.. well, the Yelling. It's not all bad, like this morning when the boys were so happy they were yelling-loud. Or when I'm at Thomas's baseball games and he gets a great hit, makes a great catch, or makes a play. All good yells. Yeah, I do the "GET YOUR SHOES ON!" yells too, but I'm trying not to do that as much. I don't like my "angry voice" anymore than the kids do. I'd much rather spend my time with the excited yells and squeals associated with the happy moments.

What a word.
It's something you earn over time. I hope I earn that name.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you.


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