Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Dog Ate My Homework... I Swear!

So last night, I got home from work and my eyes were feeling dry and tired so I went upstairs to take my contacts out. I had just taken one out when the phone rang. I quickly took the other one out, placed it in the case, and ran to answer the phone. I left the case open, because I wasn't done putting solutions in it.

After a 5 minute call, I started back to the bathroom. RING! The phone rang again.. I turned around... answered it. This time, a 10 minute call. I hang up... head back to the bathroom. RING!!! DAMN! again? Jeez... I'm popular tonight...

This time, it's my Mom. Who I love dearly, but will talk your ear off! Another 15 minute call... during which I heard one of the cats in the bathroom up on the counter drinking from a cup of water. (they like that... what can I say?)

However, when I returned to the bathroom to finish putting my contacts away, I discovered that the cat was NOT in fact drinking from a cup, but WAS DRINKING FROM MY CONTACT CASE! Oh My GOD! One was missing, the case was void of all saline solution, and one partially shriveled up contact was lying on the counter. WTF? Who knew? Apparently cats like saline solution.

I told my husband that if he sees a little piece of blue circular plastic in the litter box, not to worry. It's just my contact....


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