Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Milblogger down.....

but not "out".

Capt. Z was injured during an IED attack and was evac'd to Germany (and then most likely home for a while). Be sure to stop by and send your well wishes to him and his family.

Get well soon, Chuck... and God- watch over Carren and their son and daughter as well.

Carren posted this today:
Chuck is in Landstuhl in the ICU. He will have another surgery tomorrow. These are the "basics" of his injuries, although none of them are fun to talk about.

1. He has severe nerve damage in his left hand and has lost his left pinky (all of it). It will be a long recovery for his hand due to the nerve damage.
2. His right thumb is pretty messed up and the docs are not sure how much he will lose or keep... he may be okay and keep his thumb, we just don't know yet.
3. ALL of his internal organs are okay. One of his lungs is bruised, but not damaged.
4. His brain, spine, and neck are all okay... paralysis is not an issue.
5. He has no muscle damage in his legs or arms, but his right thigh has been damaged.
6. His face was "peppered" by shrapnel. He has a cut on his right cheek, which has been stitched up.

He MIGHT be headed back to the states as early as Friday.


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