Wednesday, July 27, 2005

It had to happen eventually....

I got TAGGED. John of Argghhh tagged me with a "what's on your nightstand" meme. Where to begin!?!

Let's see.... a crystal lamp, alarm clock, various hair construction devices (otherwise known as barrettes and rubber bands), an extension cord, a phone (WOW... a land-line phone! They DO exist- and so does Santa), my glasses, an ink pen, an empty photo album and a stack of unknown papers that just sorta ended up there. OH- and a towel protecting the wood from my little leopard cat, Squeaker, who uses the nightstand as a launching pad to get to the top of the armoire. Both of which are now covered with claw marks... *sigh*

Sorry- nothing exciting. No toys or weapons- unless you count the rubber bands- and anyone who has been in a rubber band fight can attest to the red welts they can leave.

John tagged me with a movie meme too... but that will have to wait until later because I have an errand to run right now. So... while I'm gone, Dude, Alix, Jen, Trek and Ciggy can think about their answers. TAG! You're IT!

OK... on to the movie meme...
Favorite childhood movie: Can I just say "Disney"??? I don't think they've ever put out a movie I didn't like- even as an adult I don't mind watching Disney movies again and again. Oh- and the Wizard of Oz. CLASSIC.

Favorite high school movie: Like John... I used to LOVE going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Oh man...what a good time that was!

Favorite college movie: Dirty Dancing. *sigh* What young lady wouldn't want to be in Baby's shoes?

Favorite action movie: xXx. I know.. I know.. Vin Diesel. But you have to admit, the stunts are pretty darn cool.

Favorite chick flick: Pretty Woman. Need I say more? And also Somewhere In Time. If you haven't ever seen it... you should. Christopher Reeves stars as a man staying at an old hotel who finds a pathway back to a previous era and falls in love.

Favorite comedy: It's a toss-up between Napoleon Dynamite and Something About Mary. In order to be a good comedy movie, it has to make you laugh every time you see it. Not always in the same spots... and sometimes, you laugh just thinking about scenes in the movie. I've never looked at hair gel the same way since seeing Mary...know what I mean? OH! And Full Monty is a great one too.

Favorite musical: I love musicals... I'm a dork. Chicago, however, is my current favorite.

Favorite war movies: Saving Private Ryan; Apocolypse Now; The Killing Fields; Gunner Palace; Team America: World Police. So many good war movies... so little space to write them all down.


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