Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday Linky-Love

I thought I'd start out with some love advice from BillT.

Also at The Castle, John posted some awesome videos. Pay special attention to the dog bone one and the one that is marked "not safe for work" (which, in my case, WAS safe for work). FUNNY STUFF

I've never been much of a biker babe... the non-motorized ones, I mean. I've always respected Lance Armstrong and his struggles and triumphs, but after this interview posted by Blackfive.... I have a whole new level of respect for that man.

Redleg points us to this tribute to an incredible Marine. Thank you, Captain Chontosh.

American Soldier is celebrating his blogaversary this week.

Frank J is running for SCOTUS! Go check out his platform, and have a good laugh.

The Carnival of Recipes is up, and can be found HERE this week.

That Dude relates a hilarious story about his run-in with some kitties.

Hurl lays it on the line about Iraq. Scroll through his recent posts... see what he's seeing.

And last but not least, I thought I'd throw this "new" blog out at you. Grouchy Old Cripple is hilarious! Oh man... check it out.


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