Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Blogroll Updates

I need to update my blogroll. Some of the ones I have linked don't exist anymore (thank you OpSec bullies!), and I've found some new ones I really like.
Such as:
The Mommy Blog
Mindy cracks me up. And she grew up in Dayton like I did. Wheee!

Mustang09 is Pro-Victory! He's a Minn-e-so-cold National Guard member in Iraq.

Neptunus Lex
Why it's taken me so long to roll him... I have NO idea. It's embarrassing, I tell you...

MSG Wegner has what I consider a pretty unique job in Iraq. He's working with the farmers to increase their yield and improve their farming techniques. Who'd a thunk the Army would get involved in that sort of mission?

And I also realized today that I haven't rolled Cassandra. How weird is that? *sigh* She's the SnarkMistress- how could I have missed rolling her? feh. ARGGHHH! Ok... This just sucks. I finally realize that Cass isn't on my blogroll...ON THE DAY SHE DECIDES TO SHUT DOWN!!!! *sigh* I feel like Trek and his Old Spice cologne. Maybe Cass isn't fond of Puppy Breath perfume.... *sigh* Well, I'm leaving the link. She's leaving her archives up, and hey.. if she changes her mind, the roll will already be there.

That's all folks! (said in my best Porky Pig, in honor of Piglet's plight)


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