Monday, May 15, 2006

Woozy Kitty

I went to PT this morning to have the Epley procedure done to try to rid me of my BPPV. After a half hour of manipulating my head into the positions that bother me the most, they told me I would have to come back again on Wednesday to try again. The three attempts today didn't cure me, so they'll try again in a few days. In the meantime, I was left with these instructions:
1. Don't drive following your first procedure (oops... didn't know about that before I got there, so they made me sit around for a while to make sure I was ok to drive. Sudden head movements could send me into a spin today, so they didn't want me driving when that happens.)

2. Sleep sitting up for 2 days. (been there, been doing that for 3 weeks. No problem)

3. Limit head movement severely, as if wearing a neck brace. (bummer. Now instead of looking like a swaggering drunk, I look like a stiff swaggering drunk)

4. Don't do any of the things that trigger your dizziness, like reaching over your head, getting up quickly, laying down flat, twisting your head too far in one direction, or resting my head on my left side. (great. So much for doing any painting this week)

It's been over an hour since she was done manipulating my head, and I'm still feeling woozy and light-headed... and that's after eating breakfast and having a Coke. Icky feeling. Very medicine-headish and still just as dizzy as I was yesterday (maybe more so).

Hopefully I have better results Wednesday.


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