Monday, June 06, 2005

Gee... I never knew.....

According to Muslim WakeUp, some controversy has arisen lately about talking dirty to your spouse and self-pleasure (being nice here, trying not to illicit moonbats doing Google searches using certain terms). According to Muslim WakeUp, an actual fatwa (religious ruling) has been made about this dilemma.

Question: Is it permissible for the husband and wife to talk about sex over the telephone(and by doing so) they arouse each other until one of them or both of them have an orgasm?

Response: There is no harm (in this). Yes this is permissible.

Question: And (is this permissible) even with the use of the hand?

Response: There is some (element of) uncertainty in (the issue of) using the hand; And it is not permissible except if he fears falling into adultery.

Fataawa Mu'aasarah - Page 81
al-Mowsoo'ah - 4807
Courtesy of

Um....yeah. Whatever....

Too bad they don't have the same "moral conscious" issues when it comes to blowing themselves up in the name of Allah, killing countless innocent citizens in the process. Some of our Soldiers have even started encouraging children to STAY AWAY from our troops, because of their desire to keep the kids safe from insurgent attacks. It's not that they want to distance themselves from the children- they just can't stand seeing them injured or killed anymore.

So sad... too bad there's not a fatwa on killing. Oh yeah... there is.


Someone just alerted me to the idea the the Catholic Church also considers any "waste of sperm" against the Bible. This was news to me.... but of course, I'm Methodist. Anyone have any insights?


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