Friday, May 27, 2005

Movie Tag- You're "It"!

Barb, a Righty in a Lefty state, tagged me with a movie blog-poll. Here goes nuthin!

1. Total number of films we own on DVD/VHS:

Oh man... considering that the DVD player holds 300, and we've had to weed some out- I'd say we have at least 350 DVD's. VHS tapes- much less. Probably around 75. Keep in mind that we have these two little boys, and we all love watching Disney movies, so we have just about every one. We only have about 2 dozen grown-up movies (NOT of the "adult" variety, thankyouverymuch).

2. Last film we bought:

I just pre-ordered Gunner Palace from Amazon. I can't wait!!!

3. Last film I watched:

Last Friday night we went to see the new Star Wars movie... TOTALLY awesome movie. Changes the way you view Darth Vader, that's for sure.

4. 5 films I watch a lot or mean a lot to me:

Hmmmm.... that would be two different lists, because I watch primarily Disney movies with the kids, but they don't necessarily mean a lot to me. And rather than bore you with a list of 5 for each, I just listed a few.

I love watching "xXx"- that's my current favorite movie. And "What Women Want". Oh- and "Pretty Woman". sigh... Vin Diesel, Mel Gibson and Richard Gere... sigh....

Favorite movies around the house right now are "Monsters, Inc.", "Lilo and Stitch", any of the Star Wars movies, any of the Spiderman movies, and "The Incredibles".

And now for my next victims... (cue sinister laugh)

That Dude from Philly
and Sgt. Lizzie

Let's see who plays along....(or has the time to, since Neil and Sgt. Lizzie are active, but not deployed right now).


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