Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Jumbled Thoughts

My brain is mush right now, so rather than bore you all with blather, I thought I'd pass around some linky-love and point you to some interesting posts I've seen recently.

Michael Yon has been tailing CSM Mellinger, who is responsible for the multi-national coalition forces in Iraq- including military and civilians. This is a unique experience, one Michael is enjoying writing about. Go read his recent posts on walking the line with CSM Mellinger.

, Thunder6 and Maj. K all lost a good friend last week and are looking for paybacks.

Red6 has a new post up, and an interesting video for those of you interesting in blowing shit up- or just feel like blowing something up.

The latest on Capt. Z here- Carren is quite a blogger, and an incredible Army wife.

Gitmo is "torture"... right? *sarcastic font* Try this one on for size. Assumption of Command highlights a recent story out of Iraq- one totally ignored by MSM (again).

Hurl sounds off on Liberal politicians. And Howdy makes a case for winning.

American Soldier has been taking the long way home.

Redleg reports in on Afghanistan.

John explains The Armory, and Bill provides us with a first hand account of current, and past, conditions at Normandy.

And last, but not least (and maybe the longest), Lex asks "Could we lose?"

Well... that should keep you all busy for a while.


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