Friday, July 29, 2005

What the world needs now.... is Love... Sweet Love!

Time for Friday's Linky Love-fest!

First off, and most important... we had not one, not two, but THREE Denizen birthdays this week! Today is John's birthday, so stop by with a picture of your virtual present, and stick around for a 'rita. The chandeliers have been set on free-swing and the PG17C has been disabled.... *grin*. Wendesday was FbL's birthday, and she gave herself a present- HER OWN BLOG! And last, but certainly not least... Keith's daughter, Katie, gave birth to a baby girl on Wendesday. Welcome to your zero-birthday, Eleanor.

Next... Currie's unit is seeing hard times. Go offer some support. He's one of the good guys and needs a lift.

Ciggy has some SERIOUSLY funny pictures on his blog today... Oh man.... Thanks for the laughs, Bud!

Redleg reminds us that "We can't lose the war in Iraq or Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world. We can lose it right here at home. Check your history. It should be right under the title: Vietnam."

What's this? A Helen Thomas suicide note? *if only*

Well... what do you think? Is it art, or just a publicity stunt?? Anyway you look at it, the Leopold Museum in Vienna was an interesting place to be today.

Feeling hungry? I am... especially after reading the recipe for Chicken Picata posted on today's Carnival of Recipes.

OK... hit the streets everyone.... get outta here. It's FRIDAY! Go have some FUN!!


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