Thursday, November 10, 2005

Blogger Rodeo

I've already got my Veteran's Day post ready to go, which was shamelessly borrowed from Redleg, so I thought I'd do a round-up today.

John is blegging for votes.
Go make the man happy and toss a check-mark his way. He's been at Benning for the past two weeks, getting paid to have fun. Bassid. Eh. Go vote for him anyway- he's so cranky when he doesn't win.

Froggy got duped into reviewing "Jarhead" for Hugh. Thanks for saving me the price of a ticket and popcorn!

ALa and Tesco's friends, K and CJM, have a GORGEOUS new baby girl! Only four days old. Sadly, her Mommy, K, was admitted to the hospital yesterday due to excessive bleeding. Prayers are needed here. K has had two blood transfusions since being admitted yesterday afternoon.

Both the Army and Navy teams have reached the $21,000.00 mark for the Valour-IT competition. PLEASE donate to the Air Force team (see my sidebar for the link). The Marines are holding their own too.

Carren was pumping Valour-IT on MSNBC yesterday. WOOT! WOOT! Way to go girl! Chuck is back in Kansas recovering from his recent surgery.


MA DEUCE GUNNER IS COMING HOME TODAY! He's been in the States for a week, but he's finally flying home this afternoon. WA-HOOOOOOOO! Make sure you read the interview he conducted with his three Iraqi interpreters. It's WAY cool.

For all of you Dilbert fans, make sure you check out the Dilbert Blog. It's written by the author of the Dilbert cartoon strip, Scott Adams, and often features some behind-the-scenes looks at publishing the strip.

Happy Belated Birthday to both Lex and Sean. Sgt. B is lookin' pretty good for a 230 yr old Marine....

Firepower 5 has returned to Afghanistan after helping out with the earthquake relief efforts in Pakistan. Thank you, Sir!

Michael Yon is getting national exposure in the Senate this week. VERY cool. Congrats, Mike!

More congrats are due to Major K, who just returned from leave after witnessing his wife give birth to "Mini-Me" ... otherwise known as Sean Andrew. YAHOOOOOOO! Now keep your ass safe and get back home in one piece, m'kay?


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