Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Site Meter Readings

Too funny....
Check out some of my word searches recently:

"panda food chain"
"hot liquid in a blender 'physics'" and "hot liquid blender"
"cooking tins" (I'm pretty sure they didn't want a TINS, but rather a real cooking tin, LOL)
"coward etymology"
"zits on nipples"
"when girls drink too much"
"bare back side"
"bread puddle"
"freda, jpeg, peanuts"
"why we shiver when we pee"

And last, but not least: "I'm my sister's new nappy slave"


But on good note, I'm #5 on Google for SSG Martinez and #3 on CNN, #1 on MSN for my BLT Dip recipe (which happens to be my top word search), and #2 on Yahoo for CVG's airport drill. Interesting stuff.


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