Friday, November 04, 2005

Come on you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Air Force team is behind in the Valour-IT competition. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!

Here are the stats as of 8:00AM, Friday, Nov. 4:
Navy: $6,375.00
Army: $5,754.99
Marines: $3,715.00
Air Force: $2,070.00

Yes folks... we are THAT far behind. *sniff*
But here's some good news:

1) The competition fund raising goal is $21,000.00, and we've already raised a total of $17,915.99! HOLY COW! BLOGGERS SOOOOOOO ROCK!

2) Capt. Z boldly told the Secretary of the Army that the DOD or the Army should be supporting this project, not just donations from the public. The Secretary, Dr. Fran Harvey, said he would look into it and to call him in two weeks if he hasn't contacted them yet. How cool is that! CAPTAIN Z, YOU SOOOOOOO ROCK!

3) Bloggers: It's now easier than ever to promote the Valour-IT competition and to register your blog with one of the four teams. Click HERE, and sign up for the AIR FORCE! ( can sign up for any team, but you don't really want me to beg, do you?)


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