Sunday, December 25, 2005

Birth, Death, and Homecoming

REJOICE! For Jesus was born on this day, many years ago. His birth was announced by the heavens, and is still celebrated today. I hope you are all enjoying Jesus's birthday. (Yes, we'll be having "birthday cake" later) I'll post pictures of the craziness tomorrow or later tonight.

This day also brings about sorrow for those who are just a memory now.
Lex is feeling this more than usual today. His sister, Ann, died yesterday morning. Please stop by and offer words of comfort.

And now for the homecoming.
1LT Rusten Currie will be home soon, and has posted what he believes will be his final post on his blog. You may have noticed I called him 1LT, instead of just LT- he was promoted at the battalion's award ceremony prior to coming home. WOOT! WOOT! Way to go, Currie! Stop by and give him a high-five, a thank you, and an early "welcome home, Soldier".


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