Tuesday, January 10, 2006

And on the First Day....

Any Christian will tell you that the first chapter of the Bible, Genesis, describes the creation of the heavens and the earth, the land and the seas, night and day, animals and people. Even my 5 year old knows about Genesis. God created Eve from one of Adam's ribs, taken while he was sleeping. They had everything they needed to survive. But the "Devil Snake", as Kevin calls him, persuaded Eve to eat an apple from the Tree of Knowledge, so that she could be like God. Eve did so, and Adam followed her lead. Yadda yadda yadda... you all know the story, right?

Then why is it so frikkin' hard to believe!!!!

Because when we learn about science in school, Creationism isn't taught. Our kids hear about the Big Bang Theory, and evolution, and the missing link. They hear about dinosaurs, and the theories behind their extinction. They learn about cultures from different countries. They learn so much- but they never learn about Creationism.

Science is THEORY. Wild-ass guesses by some incredibly brilliant people who are able to PROVE those theories become factual knowledge. However, no one has ever been able to prove, without a doubt, how the earth was created. Lots of people have tried, but no one has been totally successful. So the question becomes... if it's only a theory, why can't it be taught in the schools?

The US Supreme Court has been dragged into this battle many times over the years. In 1968, the Supreme Court ruled that there shouldn't be laws PREVENTING teaching creationism in the public schools in Arkansas. In 1982, they basically reversed that decision (again, involving the state of Arkansas), by saying that the state's balanced treatment of scientific creation theories did not apply to Creationism... because Creationism wasn't based upon science. SCOTUS reiterated this position in 1987: the state of Louisiana lost a court battle requiring Creationism (also known as Intelligent Design) to be taught, as a THEORY, along with other theories about the creation of our world, because the act endorsed religion and advanced religious beliefs on children.

This past Sunday we had a special speaker at our church from Answers in Genesis. Answers in Genesis is out to prove the Bible is a factual, AND scientific, document. Unbeknownst to me, they've been building a multi-million dollar museum about 30 minutes from my house. How did this escape my radar?? The Creation Museum is set to open next year. It's an amazing facility. They teach evolution and human history, according to the Bible, and back it up scientifically.

I can't do it justice. I'm just not that knowledgeable. But I can tell you this: they have a staff of biologists, geologists and physicists doing research to prove the validity of the Bible on a scientific basis. These geologists and physicists work in conjunction with theologists to establish the Bible as a scientific reference.

Check it out yourself, and you'll be as amazed as I was by the amount of physical science that backs up biblical teachings.

Again and again, our states and teachers are being prevented from presenting Intelligent Design as a valid creation theory. Perhaps with the help of scientists associated with the Creation Museum, SCOTUS will recognize "creation science" as a REAL science, and finally allow Intelligent Design to be taught in our schools.


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