Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Year In Review

Did you ever look back at a year and just say "wow"???

Well, that's what I'm saying today. Those who know... know. (Yeah. I know. You *all* know. hehe) I'm hoping that this year goes more smoothly than I expect it to, but... well, you know. Many, many thanks to those of you who have been there when I needed a laugh, and also when I needed to cry.

I was looking back at my archives to see what went on last year in my Kitty-brain, so I thought I'd share my findings with you.

January-February, 2005
Who knows? I had a blog, but didn't start leaving my posts up for public viewing until March. I was writing things regularly, and then, when I was done, I deleted them. They were all personal, and not meant for public consumption.

March, 2005
Sgt. B put up a meme...I replied... and the jig was up. DOH! John found out I had a blog (he was NOT pleased that he had to find out about it second-hand), and started linking me. DOH!

April, 2005
I wrote one of my favorite posts in April. I just stopped in for a Coke. I also wrote one of my most viewed posts- I still get Google hits on my BLT Recipe. I guess it's safe to say that April was a food month, lol!

May, 2005
Disney, 2005! Bryan's parents sent us to Disney for Bryan's 40th birthday. It was a great time. I also wrote some posts on the military- CBTFW's book went on pre-sale, Pantano was cleared of all charges, the hilarious Kosovo video, and for Memorial Day. I also wrote another one of my most-viewed posts, based upon the song "Live like you were dyin'".

June, 2005
CDB came to Cinci... and it was awesome! The New York 9/11 memorial was being hijacked, and a whole bunch of people got involved- and eventually won out. The 9/11 memorial will be just about 9/11, and the USA! I also posted some of my favorite Sniglets. And... Capt. Z was injured, starting a long recovery period.

July, 2005
Kevin turned 5, and I went to my 20th high school reunion. My goodness, how the time flies! London got hit by terrorism. I also explained a bit about blogging.

August, 2005
I sounded off on parental vs. personal responsibility. Valour-IT got up and running in August as well. What a great program! I also had some fun with license plates, and wished Thomas a happy 8th birthday. My website got an extreme make-over in August also. And... Bryan and I went to NYC. August was a busy month!

September, 2005
I hit 5,000 visitors, and BOQ was the lucky number 5,000! Hurricane Katrina hit, and boy.. did it. Disaster Kitty was on the job for a couple of weeks, and in disaster-recovery heaven. We survived yet another anniversary of 9/11. My birthday was memorable for a different reason this year- a Congressional Medal of Honor winner was announced.

October, 2005
Kevin taught me what a "pacifier weiner" is. Oi. I *still* laugh about that one! I got caught in traffic one day this month, too- and learned a lesson I'll never forget. Some of the milblog guys had me laughing so hard my sides hurt, my eyes were watering, and my co-workers were wondering what was so darn funny. Rosa Parks died. October was full of mixed emotions.

November, 2005
New schools this year had me thinking about how much homework is too much. I found out what a "cushie" is, and I passed along some Cincy facts. I discovered I had a Phoenix living in my soul. Heh.

December, 2005
Jesus came visit. Thomas got a bath. And you all learned a few things about me that you probably didn't know.
Merry Christmas, ya'll! Would you like an apple pie with that??

2006 starts in about 2 1/2 hours. It'll be a an interesting year, for sure. Thanks to all of you for being there, and for continuing to be there for me. Words cannot express my gratitude for your friendship. Thanks. Just.... thanks.


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