Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Last night was Kevin's only Parent-Teacher Conference of the year. He's in Pre-K this year and doing quite well. He has mastered all of the skills necessary to get him enrolled in Kindergarten- no problem.

Except maybe Geography.

When making Mother's Day necklaces last week, Mrs. Mary put a "big, honkin' bead" on the end of each child's filament string, so that the rest of the beads wouldn't fall off. Some of the kids started to string these "big, honkin' beads" instead of the pretty little ones. She told the kids to use the smaller, prettier beads instead of the "big, honkin' beads", because "we wouldn't want your Mom's to look like gypsies."
Kevin piped up and said "I know where gypsies are from!"

Unable to control herself, Mrs. Mary said, "You do? Where are they from, Kevin?"

Without skipping a beat, he said "They're from Michigan. They live in the trees up there."

Who knew?

(Of course, this is the same child who, upon learning the neighbors were going to move, asked them "where are you going to take your house", as if the whole house was moving instead of just the people. I think I need a whole post devoted to Kevinisms.)


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