Thursday, August 10, 2006

Free's kick-ass Dem rant

First of all... we have Nate's Liberal bullshit comment at ALa's about the UK sting operation that nabbed the next round of airline terrorists:
A terror plot foiled, there must be an election coming up.
Strange how you guys aren't whining and complaining that the media is "vilifying" the terrorists before they have been convicted of doing anything wrong.

Which was followed up by a most excellent rant by Free, former Marine, full of the "f" word, but also full of way more wisdom than his 20-some-odd years would indicate. Free's an in-your-face kind of guy. Calls it like he sees it, no matter who he's talking to or about. He's the kind of guy that you'd want covering your ass in a firefight (verbal or with real bullets), because you sure as hell don't want him firing at you. ROCK ON, FREE!

Ah yes, lumping US Marines and Soldiers in with the enemy yet again. Oh the moral equivalency never ends with the party of stupid. If Joseph Stalin was alive today in America, he'd vote Democrat. The Lamontists and Lennonists are one... one big group of commie scum bags who should be lined up against a wall and cut to death with little knives. We're torturing the wrong people. Put the Islamofaciests out of their misery and get to work on the Dymimmi crats.

You know... I've had it with them. They balked at the Hostage Crisis of 79. They pushed for a pull out from Lebanon after the Beruit bombing which killed 243 Marines. They pissed and moaned about Bombing Kadalfi, and they shriek when Israel defends itself. They opposed stopping Saddam from stealing 1/3 of the worlds oil supply back in 1991. Their fuckbag of a President retreated from Somalia and let Iraq push us around for 8 years, and ignored the 1st world trade center bombing, the bombings of two of our embassies, and the near sinking of a US war ship ALL at the hands of Islam.

I repeat, they did NOTHING when Americans died. I'll say it again, Democrats and Progressives won't protect us or even admit we are in a world war. Fuck them. I choose life. Its time we start taking these motherfucking leftists to task. Its time they paid for their pussy ass dereliction of duty. I've had it with them. Fuck Democrats, fuck the donkey, they're communists. Fuck em'. I hate them.


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