Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sumthing lite-harted and stoopid

I was looking at my SiteMeter this morning, and got a chuckle (as usual) over how some people have arrived here.

Fer instance...
I'm #1 AND #2 on Google for "words to say when you bury a hamster"!
(How about "We gather here today in the backyard to honor the life of Fluffy... who's not-so-fluffy anymore, and starting to stink"??)

"a group of frogs were traveling"
(I have *no* idea how that happened)

" "my boys" "them condoms" "
(MY boys are 6 and 9... they'd better not be finding uses for "them condoms" yet!)

"What did the sign on the whorehouse door say?"
(ok... I'll bite. What *did* the sign on the whorehouse door say? Beat it! We're closed! ba-dum-bump)

"clogged toilet pics"
(I've heard of weird fetishes before, but DAMN..!!)

"does Vin Diesel have a sister"
(No offense, but... you must be gay)

"george washington asparagus pee"
(I have NO idea what GW and asparagus pee have in common... NO idea)

"how to take care of a toy puddle"
(Water it daily. Do not leave in direct sunlight. I hope that helps...)

And in light of yesterday's election, I thought you might enjoy this short quiz:
You Are 36% Politically Radical

You've got a few unusual political ideas, but overall you're a pretty mainstream person. Chances are that you're turned off by both the radical right and looney left.


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