Monday, November 06, 2006

Things catching my eye

1. All is right in the world again- I have my babies back home! It's amazing how quiet a house can be without children in it. Even more amazing is how you forget about the yelling and fighting, and how you wish they'd be quiet and just play nice when there truly isn't any yelling, fighting or playing to be heard. Quiet isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

2. Saddam's gonna hang. Damn. WHAT A SHAME. I was hoping for a stoning- something cruel and vicious, and something that the many people he hurt over the years could participate in.
I know... that sounds evil and malicious and very un-christianlike... but he really deserves it.

3. I'm car shopping. Any suggestions? I've driven the Jeep Liberty and the Jeep Compass, and am also considering the Toyota Rav4, Camry and the Dodge Caliber. I didn't like the Liberty- steering was way too tight, seats were rigid, brakes were soft, the high center-of-gravity made it seem wobbly in corners, and it was noisy. The Compass was nice- comfortable seats, steering wasn't as tight, wasn't as noisy but still has 4wd on the fly just like the Liberty. Any other suggestions??
I'm looking for a car with good handling in the snow and ice (lots of curvy hills around my house), good gas mileage, and a comfortable ride for both me and the boys.

4. The USS Intrepid Museum is headed for dry dock today. During the next 18 months, Pier 86 will get a complete overhaul and so will the ship. I wish I could see her being moved- what a sight... a 27,000 ton ship, resting in 17 feet of mud, being pulled out by a 6,700hp tug across the river to dry dock in New Jersey. I wonder if BillT will go check it out- he had a hand in setting up the museum and getting helo's onboard. See you in '08, Intrepid!

They were only able to move the Intrepid about 15 feet before she got stuck in the mud. The move has been scrapped for now, pending further review of wotintheHELKarewegonnadonow. *sigh* The next high tide isn't until Dec. 6, but it's lower than today's high tide.

5. Those Jarhead Grunts have pulled ahead in the Valour-IT competition- but only by about $2,000. Come on now, Soldier Supporters!!! Let's see come green!


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