Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Bad Mojo

Everywhere I look today, I see bad news. And I don't mean "It's gonna snow 3 feet by 5pm" bad, I mean "I can't finish reading this story without crying" bad; "I can't finish reading this story without my head exploding" bad.
For instance:
We have 6 Sailors from the USS Frank Cable recovering from 3rd degree steam burns. Think about it... 3rd degree STEAM BURNS. God. Go read the comments on that post, if you can bear it. Some are from family members, fellow crew, and friends of the injured. It's heartbreaking. Soldier's Angels are on the scene with these men at Brooke in San Antonio, and are working to get Valour-IT laptops to them, but with 30-70% burns, these guys have a LONG recovery ahead of them.

Lex brought us the story of Navy Medic Chris Walsh, who, as the headline reads, put down his weapon and helped save a baby's life. Mariam was born with a rare condition which caused her bladder to form OUTSIDE her abdomen. Chris and the Marines he was stationed with resolved to get Mariam back to the United States to get the life-saving surgery she needed. Three months later, Walsh was dead, along with two other men in the vehicle they were riding in together. The rest of the unit decided, right then and there, they couldn't give up on Chris's dream to get Mariam to the US. They succeeded.... and Chris's mom was there to see this little brown-eyed baby girl get her life-saving surgery.
"This,” Mariam's great-randfather said, “was an act of God. God sent Chris. To Mariam. So she will live.” Chris's mom, Maureen Walsh, agrees. “There were too many coincidences for it to be coincidence,” she said. “Chris was waiting his whole life for something like this.”

Then there's the story of Bryan Fluharty and his fight to get custody of his four children. While deployed, he finds out his wife is possibly abusing the children, and he can't do a damn thing about it because he's told that "the wife is the custodial parent.... she is here". He gives up his 8-year military career to be a better father and tries to get custody, but somehow Louisiana courts grant full custody to the wife without even so much as a hearing. His daughter even wrote a letter offering up her dad's Purple Heart to anyone who can help them. Over a year later, Bryan is finally granted custody of the kids, and lands a job at the US Postal Service. BUT. He has to appear in court in Louisiana (he now lives in Ohio) within the first 90 days of working for the USPS. They FIRED HIM. For a MANDATORY court appearance. WEEKS before Christmas.
What can you do to help Bryan? Write a letter to the USPS and send it to V.O.I.C.E.S., Fluharty Family Support Benefit Fund, P.O. BOX 245, Newton Falls, Ohio 44444-0245. Tell the USPS exactly how you feel about Bryan being fired over a mandatory court appearance. You can also order Amazon, KB Toys, Macy's, or Target gift cards through AnySoldier, and sign it "AnySoldier Santas". Just make sure you click to the merchant you want through the AnySoldier page so that they get credit for the sale. (how's that for a win-win situation? You get to help anysoldier AND the Fluharty's, all at the same time!)

There are so many more bad stories out there today... I'm just so tired of reading them, and writing about them. We need some "good" today, don't you think?


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