Monday, December 04, 2006

Space-aged Gecko Feet

You know what would be uber-kewl? Having Gecko feet. Gecko's can climb near 'bout anything, lickity-split, due to the unique hairs on the bottom of their feet. They can even climb polished glass surfaces and hang upside-down on ceilings.
Well... thanks to some British researchers, now you can!

A team at British aerospace and defense company, BAE Systems Advanced Technology Center has created what they are calling "Synthetic Gecko". It's a reusable super-strong adhesive that leaves no residue, and only becomes sticky when force is applied. You could run your finger over it, no problem... and then use a square of it, pressed to the ceiling, to hang up a small family car. Damn. Other possible uses include medical applications- they're playing with the idea of using it to adhere skin graphs. How cool is that!!

Science is incredible, isn't it?


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