Wednesday, August 22, 2007


News like this makes my heart flutter and stomach flip... but I know that if it's Tori's Blackhawk, I'll know eventually.
Still, knowing that it *could* be her gives me butterflies- the bad kind.

I got a really sweet email from her mom the other day, thanking all of Tori's Prayer Warriors for keeping her safe and for the letters and care packages. I responded back to her saying "It's our pleasure. Those of us who either cannot or do not serve, serve those of us who do". It's true. I can't serve, and neither can my Church Lady friends, but we do all we can to support the troops and show our love and appreciation for them every day. That love and support does NOT include a call to "support the troops... end the war NOW".

Ending the war now doesn't do a damn thing to support the troops. Ending the war now would bring them home, but it doesn't show our support. When you're faced with a difficult task, and you're making progress, but someone else steps in and tells you you're not doing it fast enough and cancels the project, you feel like a failure. That's exactly what we'll do to our troops if we bring them home now.

Our soldiers are getting the job done, and making tons of progress toward helping Iraq and Afghanistan stand on their own two feet against the Taliban and AQ, but the negative spin on the war by MSM hide their progress. The anti-war crowd is spurred on by stories about US soldiers raping and murdering families in Iraq, by stories about civilian casualties, and by false stories made up by disgruntled men. These stories, which are few and far between, make better "news" than good stories about new schools, power plants, water treatment facilities, alliances between local tribes and our soldiers, and children receiving top-notch medical care for both war related, and non-war related illnesses and injuries. Good news just isn't worth reporting to them.

All wars have civilian casualties. All wars have military casualties. All wars are harsh, and cruel, and difficult, and most wars are long. It sickens me to realize that so much of the US has become so pussified they can't remember what a REAL war is like and cave so easily to MSM spins.


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