Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Things that make you go "hmmmmmm"

I've been thinking. (yes, I have a headache now, thankyouverymuch)
I've been thinking about some current events and an obscure topic, so here goes:

* What drives highly paid and famous athletes, actors, and musicians to do stupid, illegal shit, like dog fighting, drunk driving, murder, drug abuse, and rape? Are their lives so void of excitement or satisfaction that they are driven to break the law just to spice things up? Or are they so damn immature and stupid that they feel they're above the law due to their celebrity status?

* Why are famous people given preferential legal treatment? If I was involved in dog fighting, you can bet your sweet bippy I'd be in jail for a long time. Remember the road rage incident a couple of years ago that ended with a man tossing a little dog into traffic, killing it? He got THREE YEARS. For killing ONE dog. Not that I think it's ok for him to kill a dog, mind you, but the charges against Michael Vick could get him 18 months max- for killing MANY dogs! How many of us would get a month in jail for drunk driving, spend 3 days there, and then released to serve the rest of the sentence under house arrest? At least Paris was eventually sent back, but still- I can't believe the judge let her go home!

* Why are famous people given professional preferential treatment? If I had a felony conviction of any sort in my record, I would lose my job. Yet actors, athletes, and musicians convicted of crimes- even multiple times- seem to keep their jobs?

* Where did we get the name Idaho from? I mean... I've never heard of Idaho Indians. I've never heard of a great explorer named Idaho. I've never heard of an Indian word from any tribe with the word "Idaho" in it. So... I had to look it up. I mean, I know that Ohio was named after the Iroquois word for "great river"; I know Vermont was named after a french phrase that means something like "green hills"; I know Indiana means "land of indians".... but what in the HELL is an Idaho? Who is an Idaho? What does Idaho translate to?

Apparently... NOTHING! The name "Idaho" was MADE UP! WHO KNEW???
How much you wanna bet that good ol' Louis and Clark were travelling the Western lands when Clark turned to Louis and announced "Damn. I really need to get laid." So they went into town, found a young lady wandering the streets who was proudly announcing to the world "I DA HO AROUND HERE! I DA HO, DAMMIT!"... at which point, Clark said "Looks like we're home, Louis!"

sheesh. Like I said... Things that make you go "hmmmmmmmm"......


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