Thursday, September 27, 2007

I don't know what to say about this

... other than OHMYGOD............

A 5-year-old kindergarten student was suspended for three days and Child Protective Services is investigating how he learned sexual behavior after a teacher interrupted one boy performing a sex act on another.

The teacher thought that both 5-year-olds were taking too long in the bathroom when she interrupted the act.

And then, when the victim's family and the school tried to move the aggressor to a different school, they were told the district would not accomodate their "request". Request??? That's not a REQUEST, that's a REQUIREMENT. They did, however, offer to move the VICTIM to a different school. How fucked up is that? The district won't remove the offender from the classroom or the school, but yet have *NO* problem offering to move the victim to a different school? I'd go ballistic!

My next thought sickens me as much as what happened in that bathroom at school:
How in the HELL did that poor little boy learn how to perform sex acts!???!!!

Jesus... Christ...


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