Saturday, March 29, 2008

Small Headline; Big Impact

TV, Flag Stolen From Military Recruiting Station

That's the headline. The article isn't much longer:
UNION TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Police said someone broke into a Union Township military recruiting station last week.

The burglar broke into the Armed Forces recruiters’ office March 23, caused extensive damage and stole several items.

Investigators said the intruder stole a 37-inch LCD television with the serial number VDRN7B210287 and an American flag that had been on display after covering the casket of a soldier killed in Iraq.

No arrests have been made, and the break-in remains under investigation.

Things like this are happening all over the country. The most visible was the attempt to blow up the recruiting station on Times Square in NYC. All over the country, people claiming to be "peaceful" are breaking into our recruiting stations and stealing government property, destroying government property, and preventing access to government facilities. But here's the thing that stands out the most in this latest incident, which occurred here in Cincinnati:

the intruder stole ... an American flag that had been on display after covering the casket of a soldier killed in Iraq

These assholes didn't just break in and steal a TV and an American flag; they stole a legacy. They stole a memory. They stole a sacred object. And in the process, they have dishonored and showed the ultimate disrespect for the soldiers they claim to be protecting.

So many anti-military, anti-war protesters believe that by bringing our troops home now, we will prevent the deaths of other American soldiers, which is true. But they also believe that bringing the troops home now is the best way to honor those who have already given their lives in war. Their warped minds believe that these men and women would rather us give up and lose this war than continue the job they left undone and see it through.

If these people really want to honor our deceased soldiers, they wouldn't steal their flags or destroy military property. They wouldn't try to erase the memory and good deeds of our fallen heroes. Instead, they would take the time to visit the grave sites of our dead, and see to it that these sites are considered sacred. They would volunteer at the VA Hospital or Fisher House, to see the faces of the men who nearly died, and know soldiers who did- possibly in the same incident that left them injured. They would read books like "Lone Survivor" so that they can hear how dedicated these men and women are to finishing this job in the right way- the way that shows the families of the fallen that they did not sacrifice their loved one in vain. They would read "House to House" and Medal of Honor decrees to learn about the incredible bravery under fire shown by our men, and learn about these special men who would give their lives for their brothers.

It makes me sick to think about the family of this fallen soldier to know that his (or her) flag is now in the hands of an anti-war, anti-military asshat who doesn't seem to realize that the privileges we enjoy as Americans were paid for with blood, sweat, and countless tears.

I hope they get the people who did this, and I hope they prosecute them under federal statutes. Make them an example to others who chose to dishonor our military and show protesters that this sort of behavior will NOT be tolerated in this country.


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