Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Brown, Brown Grass of Home

The video isn't very good but make sure you listen closely to the lyrics...
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you... President George W. Bush!

*saunters into the sunset singing ... and then I look at Haircut Scooter... finally free of the prosecutor.. it's good to touch the brown, brown grass of home.... *

Yep. I'm gonna miss that man.

Another man I'm gonna miss for a very different reason, the Right Reverend Jim. My friend, who always TYPED IN ALL CAPS, NO MATTER WHAT HE HAD TO SAY; who could always make me laugh with his ass and Elvis stories- and make me cringe at some of his more creative recipies; who loved his wife and family above all, with our country and soldiers taking a very close second place.... has passed away. Take the time to read what Taco has to say about Jim, and the comments.

Jim has been quiet for a few months now, apparently due to failing health. I had no idea. None. Jim is a former Marine and ardent supporter of our troops, with a particular affection for our female troops. He saw them as overlooked and of need of special attention that Jim and his wife, Susan, were more than happy to provide. My cousin Tori benefited greatly from his attention. He loved, and I do mean LOVED, his troops, and they loved him right back.

Yes.. we're all gonna miss you, Jim. Somehow I think he'd like this warped tribute which started out with a funny song from our President.

*clinks glass, and goes back to humming 'the green, green grass of home' *


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