Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Eeeeeeevil Air Force At Work

Al-Amreeki has known nothing but war, fear, death, and destruction since his birth three years ago. Sounds bad, eh?
In January, it got worse.

Al-A was severly burned in a stove fire at his Salah ah Din home. He is suffering from second and third degree burns over approximately 40% of his body, plus inhalation burns.

But he's one of the lucky ones: His uncle found his way to the American military hospital in Balad, Iraq . The uncle was told by the Air Force doctors he would likely die, but it's been 2 months, and Al-A has proven himself to be a fighter. Our military also fought- first for Al-A's life, and then to find his family. After the uncle heard he would probably die, he left Al-A at the hospital, never to return. The military took over the search for any relative of the small boy, eventually finding his mother. Al-A's father was killed by insurgents a year ago, and AL-a was her only child. She feared the soldiers would tell her that her tiny son was dead, but instead, they brought news of his survival and their plan to get him help in the United States.

The Air Force medical staff arranged for Al-A and his mother to be transported via US military and civilian aircraft all the way from Iraq to Cincinnati. They arrived this weekend for what will probably be at least 6-8 weeks of surgery and care. An Air Force combat nurse accompanied them the whole way, mostly on US Air Force transport.

He's not the first Iraqi child to receive extensive, free, medical care from US military and civilian forces, nor will be the last. Just one more shining example of our "evil, oppressor, invading, baby-killing, torturing" military improving, and saving, the lives of people around the world.

Way to go, USAF!!!
I am so proud you!


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