Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pay up!

My son Kevin turned eight on July 6. He got about $60 in birthday money, which he's been spending in bits and pieces. About a week ago, he asked me if he could buy some Chaotic cards. I don't get the whole cards thing- YuGiOh, Pokemon, Chaotic- any of it- but both of my boys love them. I told him he could buy the cards and pay me back with some of his birthday money when we got home.

He was SO excited. He bought the cards, took them home, and started organizing them in order of "power". I then reminded him he needed to pay me for the cards.

He balked.
He whined.
He huffed.

I could NOT understand his reaction! I mean... he knew he had to pay me back for them! Finally, he sighed and gave me a "FINE!", then handed over four of the the cards.

I looked at them, and at him, and said "What is this for?"

He said, "You said I owed you four cards, so THERE. I gave you four cards!"

Trying not to smile or giggle, I said, "Um. Honey. I said that you had to pay me for THE cards.. not FOUR cards. You owe me $15.00."

Relieved to have his FOUR cards back, he gladly paid me $15.00 FOR cards.



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