Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Proud Mama

My son, Thomas, struggles in school. He's got a brilliant mind, clouded by the difficulties ADHD brings. I know people claim ADHD doesn't exist, but I'm telling you- ADHD is no more a myth than the Holocaust. He has problems organizing thoughts, setting priorities, staying focused, interpreting written words, reading in general, and spelling. He got an F on his 4th quarter report card in Spelling- a first. He's never gotten an F on his report card. He didn't get in trouble- I know how hard he worked, and how hard spelling is for him. I didn't even mention it to him. At the beginning of the last school year, he told us that his goal for the year was to make the Honor Roll. In my heart, I knew that probably wouldn't happen, if nothing else, because of his spelling grades. I have never been so disappointed to be right. Spelling tests, and, well, tests in general, are not his friend.

But.. he totally KICKED ASS on his spring state proficiency exams!


There are four tests: Reading, Math, Social Studies and Science.
Each test is gauged against the state, district, and school averages, plus categories such as "limited knowledge" through "advanced". He scored "proficient" in Reading and Math, "accelerated" in Social Studies, and "advanced" in Science, plus he beat the state, district, and school averages in almost every category! The only average he didn't beat was the district's math average. HOLY SHIT.

He totally KICKED ASS. I am so proud of my son!


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