Thursday, May 26, 2005

Lt. Pantano... CLEARED!

Thank GOD cooler heads have prevailed in the case of 2 Lt. Pantano, and he will NOT be charged with murder!

"Down at the unit level, there was never a question about Ilario's conduct and whether or not he did the right thing," Charles Gittins, Pantano's civilian lawyer, said. "It was up in the higher echelons. The people removed from combat situations needed to put more trust in their officers rather than assuming they're guilty."

In case you've forgotten, 2 Lt. Pantano was accused of "murdering" two Iraqi's who made menacing moves toward him and repeatedly refused his orders to halt back in April 2004. Granted, he did riddle them with 60 bullets, and then hung up a silly sign over their heads, but COME ON! Get real... and FINALLY the Marines did. His fellow Marines wanted the charges dropped, and, like I said, cooler heads prevailed.

Welcome back, Marine! Go get 'em!


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