Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Always trust your Mommy instincts

This is my baby, Kevin, playing in the giant load of mulch we had delivered last summer. It has nothing to do with this post, except to give you an idea of how very "boy" this child is. So here you go.... Always trust your Mommy instincts.

The week we got back from Disney, Kevin told me he had a "spwinter" in his foot, so I took a look. HOLY COW! He had a MOUND on the bottom of his foot, just at the edge of his arch, back toward his heel. The center was white, the rest was red, and there was this little black dot in the middle. I tried to get it out... puss, blood, screaming and tears were my reward (with the tears being a mixture of mine and his). I tried for two days to get that splinter out. I even took him to the doctor, who thought it was a planter's wart. "No, Dr., it's a splinter. I swear. I saw it, but I don't think it's out yet, and it's infected." "Well, I don't see anything now. Just put some Polysporin on it, and it should be fine."

I never really thought it came out, but Kevin stopped complaining about it, so I thought maybe it had worked its way out on its own. I knew in my heart it was still in there, but I just couldn't stand to dig around in that little foot any longer without proof of the splinter's existance.

I left it alone. For three weeks.

Last night, as I was scrubbing a day's worth of dirt off of that boy, I looked at the bottom of his foot. HOLY COW! He had a MOUND on the bottom of his foot... AGAIN. Same spot. I knew then that the splinter had not worked its way out, despite his claims he was fine. DAMN. *grumble*

Out came the wicked tweezers. Out poured the tears and screams. And out came the splinter... a thin piece of metal wire, maybe a quarter of an inch long or more, along with plenty of skin which had grown up around it. Now, I know a quarter of an inch doesn't sound very long, but pull out a ruler and look. Check out the 7 inch mark, which is about the size of my baby's foot, and imagine a quarter inch piece of wire digging into it for three weeks.

sigh... I'm nominating myself for the Bad Mommy Of The Year award....right after I castrate the doctor for blowing me off....


I just got back from seeing our REAL doctor, and I'm happy to report that the splinter is all gone (thanks to Dr. Mom) and there's no infection. REAL doctor took x-rays, since it was a metal wire that would show up on on film, and used magnifying glasses to make sure it was OK. I even got an "atta girl" from him, for getting it all. Thanks for the support everyone... I'm not feeling like such a bad Mommy anymore. *smile*


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