Thursday, September 01, 2005

Katrina Blog Aid

Yes, it's a bleg. I'm blegging for donations to Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina relief. So are a lot of other bloggers, including ALa, Dude, LaShawn, Scrappleface, Glen Reynolds, and Hugh Hewitt, to name a few. Only the truly heartless wouldn't want to do something to help those people- no matter if its a prayer or cash. Just do something, ok?

I've been in Red Cross since 1991, during Desert Storm. I've been on several national disaster assignments, including Hurricane Andrew. Up until a few days ago, Andrew was the most costly natural disaster to hit the United States. Now... I think it's going to be Katrina.

And this time it's personal for me. My Uncle Robert and Aunt Bobbie had to be rescued from their Gulf Shores, AL home after the water rose up too quickly. It was waist deep when they left... who knows how it ended up. Their daughters have vacation homes off the coast of Mobile on Dauphin Island, which are most like destroyed. I'm not as worried about them though- they were only vacation homes, not primary residences. I'm most worried about my cousin Ronnie and his family. They live in New Orleans. Or at least they DID. They're in Florida now, wondering if they'll have anything to go back to, and wondering when they'll even be allowed to go back.

Over the years I've been to fires in my own neighborhood, and a deadly fire involving a co-worker. I've always been able to "be there" for the initial response. Not this time. I'm in Ohio. Far, far away from the major destruction or my family members who have been affected. All I can do is pray, lend a listening ear, offer up my disaster recovery knowledge, and raise money for Red Cross. I'm doing the same thing that millions of Americans are doing- the same thing you can do too.

Please help. Give to the Red Cross... or pray if you can't afford to give cash.

If you don't like Red Cross...that's cool. A list of other charities that you can donate to is listed here, at FEMA's website.


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