Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina.... beautiful name for a wicked storm

Yahoo has a great photo essay containing over 500 pictures of damage caused by Katrina in Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.

I've been a Red Cross volunteer since 1991, and have been to countless local disasters and several large national disasters. Despite stories you may hear from some people, I can tell you personally that the American Red Cross is a great organization, and is stellar during times of national disasters, like Katrina. Please... Donate Now.

Glenn Reynolds has a list of charities going, and Technorati has some outstanding updates on the aftermath of what could be the most expensive natural disaster to hit the USA. As usual, the blogging community is coming out in droves to support relief efforts. Thursday, Sept. 1, has been designated as Hurricane Katrina Blog Relief Day. Please go register your blog, and stay tuned for more information regarding Blog Relief Day. H/T: That Dude From Philly


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