Tuesday, August 30, 2005

jeez... all we need now is a riot or something.

Could things possibly get more exciting around Cincinnati? Yesterday, a train tanker started leaking styrene gas. The area around the tanker has been evacuated due to fears it may explode. Apparently styrene requires an additive to keep it stabilized. The additive only lasts for about four months, and then *POOF*.... no more tanker. It was last added to the tanker in December- EIGHT months ago. The real question here: Why in the helk was a hazardous material left sitting in a tanker in a residential area for 7-9 months? *morons*

And just in case we get bored with that, Mother Nature is throwing the reminants of Hurricane Katrina straight up my driveway. I know we need the rain, but jeesh! An inch a day for a week would be a lot more appreciated, Mother. We could get anywhere from 4-8 inches, depending on which meteorologist you listen to.

If Red Cross doesn't call me tonight, I fully expect to hear from them tomorrow. Disaster Kitty may need to get into the action! Wheeee!

I left my house at 7:30am today, knowing that traffic would be a little worse than usual due to the rain and road closures. However, I did NOT plan on an HOUR AND A HALF commute! Holy crap.... you'd think there was a snow storm out there or something. *sigh*


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