Wednesday, September 28, 2005

School Picture Day

Today was Kevin's first school picture day. He's been in preschool before, but he's never been there on picture day. This was a big day for my little boy! We picked out his clothes last night, and he eagerly dressed himself this morning.

He came into my bathroom to get his hair wet and combed. I sprayed his hair down, and then asked him if he would like to have a spikey-doo for picture day. "YESSSSSSSSS" was his enthusiastic answer. So I got out the hair gel, squirted a little on my fingers, and started to run in through his hair.

His hair started foaming. FOAMING. WTF???

I picked up the bottle of hair gel, and realized it was SHAMPOO!
"MOOOOOOOM!" (which was followed up with a sigh worthy of Napoleon Dynamite)

Needless to say, he had to get undressed and jump in the shower real quick to get it out. We finally got him out the door, spikey doo and all. So cute...
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(notice the little bit of breakfast stuck to his face, next to his lip, LOL)


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