Monday, October 17, 2005

Walter Reed

A quick note to point out some fantastic write-ups about Walter Reed this weekend.

Be sure you visit Gunn Nutt and check out all of the pictures of their counter-protest outside the hospital. The signs they added to Sheehan's Group W bus are priceless! My favorite was a picture of iraqikurd, holding up his sign which read "Let our troops finish their mission". Gunn Nutt links his story which originally appeared a while back at Free Republic, but I'm adding here as well. It's outstanding!

And, as if you haven't all been there already (cuz I know you all go read Matt before you come see me everyday), go read Blackfive. If nothing else, because I love his banner "The Paratrooper of Love"... And if you buy one of the shirts, you'll be sending a donation to Soldier's Angels!

Speaking of Soldier's Angels..... I've been told to keep my kitty eyes and ears perked up for news on Project Valour-IT.
*perked and primped, and waiting for further instructions, MA'AM!*


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