Friday, November 18, 2005



You are the phoenix! A
phoenix is a a giant, magnificent bird plumed
and wreathed in flame. The phoenix is a symbol
of healing and of peace. The phoenix is calm
and serene in all things. The phoenix also
symbolizes rebirth as this creature is reborn
from the ashes of its death during which it
enrupts into flame and disintegrates. The
phoenix can also be a symbol for faith and for

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I've always been intriqued by the story of the Phoenix. Different cultures have different versions of who the Phoenix is, and what it means. Hans Christian Andersen's poem, The Phoenix Bird, is one of my favorite classic literary selections.

When a mother sits by her infant's cradle,
he stands on the pillow,
and, with his wings,
forms a glory around the infant's head.
He flies through the chamber of content,
and brings sunshine into it,
and the violets on the humble table
smell doubly sweet.


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