Friday, November 11, 2005

Thank you, Veterans.

Happy Veteran's Day. It sounds so strange, doesn't it? It's not necessarily a whoop-it-up "happy" day, like a birthday, or New Years Eve, or Christmas. So why do we say "HAPPY Veteran's Day?"

Because if it wasn't for people like John/Bill/Dusty, Ma Deuce Gunner, CBTFW, Free & Jpck, Sgt. B, Lex, Matt, Chuck, Currie, Maj. K, Neil, Redleg, and so many others I can't even name, it wouldn't be a happy day at all.

Men like them, and countless women as well, have protected our country from danger for hundreds of years. Today is the day we thank those who have served and fought in wars. Memorial Day is reserved for those who fought and died for our country. Veteran's Day is for ALL military who have served during a war.

Bill has a fantastic post about Veteran's Day, including a must-see three minute video. But my favorite Veteran's Day post isn't by a Veteran at all. It's by the teenaged sister of a Soldier who, as she puts it, is now draped in Red, White and Blue. If you read nothing else today, THIS is the post you have to read. Here's a poem titled "Fallen Hero", by M. Doris Fuller, she inserted in her essay:

I saw your Mother on television today.
Her face was sad as her tears flowed.
I have never met you or heard your name,
But you’re someone I wish I could know.

It seems hero’s lives may be too short,
But your death will help others be free. They say you died doing what you love
Because you love all Americans like me.

As I watch the bombs blast that desert city,
I know there are many young people like you
Who answered the call to the freedom fight?
I shall pray they not be a fallen hero too.

Your Dad’s face was unhappy and drawn,
As your casket his body was draped.
In his hands he was clutching “Old Glory,”
While praying his sorrow he couldn’t escape.

You gave everything you had to your country,
To your convictions you were forever true.
Fallen hero today you, America must honor
A soldier killed defending the RED, WHITE, and BLUE.

Go thank a Vet today. Thank them with your thoughts, prayers, actions and words. Honor their service not only today, but every day. They deserve so much more than just one day of thanks.


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