Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Only in Cincinnati...

...can someone ask you if you want a three-way, four-way or five-way and NOT get smacked. you have to drive to another state to get to the CINCINNATI airport. you say "please?" when you really mean "excuse me?"

...would you put cinnamon and cocoa in your chili.

...could someone who paid for a prostitute with a check become mayor, and then a national talk show host.

...can you buy goetta.

...would you consider a mixed marriage when an East-sider marries a West-sider.

...would you know the difference between a Hudy and a "Who Dey"

Yep. Only in Cincinnati. What a strange town I live in....


  • I wrote about Cincinnati myself at ezinearticles. I've only lived here for almost 2 years. And Cincinnati's chili isn't chili to me. It's spaghetti sauce. Strange sauce too. Some recipes I've seen say they use vinegar too.

    And that, "Please?" Yikes. I spent 10 minutes at the doctor's office when I first arrived with the receptionist saying, "Please?" and me saying, "Pardon me?"

    By Anonymous Marilyn, at 7:30 PM  

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