Friday, November 04, 2005

Happy Halloween (finally)

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OK... OK!!!!!! I know, Halloween was four days ago, and I'm just now getting around to posting pictures.

Thomas went as my brother, Bill, again. Bill's in the Air Force, and he bought Thomas a set of bdu's with insignia to match. So all of you Army guys out there- yes, I sewed the stripes on the right way. They are NOT upside-down. Bill's dog, Sarah, had a clown hat on. So cute!

Kevin went as the Red Power Ranger SPD. We weren't sure what he would end up as because he has TONS of super hero costumes that he wears all year long. Batman, Spiderman, Daredevil, Blue Power Ranger, Red Power Ranger, and probably a few more I'm forgetting.

Halloween to me isn't just a day. It's a month, kind of like Christmas. Maybe because October is so frikkin' beautiful around here with the changing of the leaves. We usually do something special every weekend in October. One weekend we painted mini-pumpkins. One weekend my Mom took the boys to the pumpkin patch and corn maze. One weekend I took Kevin to the Newport Aquarium and Bryan took Thomas to the pumpkin patch. The aquarium is host to the only Shark Ray in the Northern Hemisphere. It's VERY cool. We also made a Halloween Gingerbread house.

I love Autumn.


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