Monday, March 27, 2006

stuff to say, no time to write it up

Many of you know I'm in Finance- specifically, investments. Our industry is regulated by the NASD and the SEC... and BOTH are auditing us. These are normal check-up audits, not complaint triggered audits, but still, they are nerve-wracking and take a LONG time to prepare for (even though they only give you 10 days notice). ARGGHHH!

The SEC was in last week, and the NASD is due next week. *happy happy joy joy*

I *SO* want to write about things that are going on- like that first-class idiot Michael Ware and his drunken interview with Bill Maher, and the newest allegations of civilian murders by our troops in Iraq, and some songs that have been speaking to me lately.
So many things in my head.. and by the time I get to write about them at night, I'm too pooped to think clearly enough to get it out on paper.


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