Monday, March 06, 2006

More Fun With SItemeter

I reached 18,000 visitors today! Lucky Mr. 18,000 was from the Hudson Valley Community College in New York, doing a Google search for pictures of the White Power Ranger. *waves to New York*

I'm currently #1 on Google for stories related to Kathryn Haumesser, the teacher at Thomas's school who was killed in a car accident last weekend. ("Kathryn Haumesser" is also my second-highest ranked word search, outranked only by "look it up ourselves, in the card catalog".) I should note that her funeral was Friday morning. The driver, 19 year old Jacob Wolford, is now facing charges of DUI, aggrevated vehicular homicide and aggrevated vehicular assault. I'm not sure what the sentencing could involve, but damn... I sure hope they go after this kid.

I'm #11 for the story about the mentally retarded man, Teddy Shuman, who killed his roommate last weekend. Teddy is still in state custody undergoing evaluations. The facility where the murder occurred is under investigation as well. Several citations regarding patient care and safety have come to light recently, including a violent attack by a patient that was never reported to the State.

I'm #13 on Yahoo for my "Who's to blame?" article about parental responsibility when your child commits a crime. The official search is under "parents sued for childs actions". Not one of my favorite topics, but an important one.

This one suprised me. I'm #17 on Yahoo for "newborn herniated belly button". You may remember that Kevin had his fixed last summer.

Other weird word searches that landed people in My Puddle recently include:
"death triangle popping pimples" (from my "why do men have nipples" post)
"mommy boobs" (thank you, Thomas and Kevin)
"i like big butts" (thank you, Kevin)
"Waghdan al-Jayashy" (That's the Iraqi girl who was flown to Cincinnati Shriner's for burn care following injuries sustained during the war two years ago. She's undergone 2 surgeries so far, I believe, and is doing quite well.)
"puking dogs" (thank you, Elvis)
"fermented fertilized egg Vietnam" (um. ok.)

And on a completely unrelated note.....
Could Charlize Theron have possibly picked a worse dress and hairdo for the Oscars last night? (click on the link above and page to picture 16) Oi. For such a drop-dead gorgeous woman, she looked terrible! At least she wasn't wearing a swan.


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