Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend in Review

Well... let's see here....
For the past month or more I have spent at least one night a week working on cataloging items for the school auction. It's a HUGE fundraiser for Kevin's school (which, for the past three years, was Thomas's school). I've helped out in various functions, and decided to try something new this year: cataloging. In other words, I was in charge of keeping track of every donor, every solicitor, every donation, and every auction (because some donations were combined into single auction items).
LORDY.... what a job.
The auction FINALLY took place Saturday night. WOOT!
I let the boys pick out a few things they wanted me to bid on for them. Thomas picked out a beach basket and a cookie bouquet. The cookie bouquet was really cute... but not $40 cute, IMHO. I did get the beach basket, so he's all set for summer fun at the pool. Kevin wanted his class basket, which was filled with Easter decorations, and Mr. Bear, the Kindergarten class's mascot. Each child gets to take Mr. Bear home for a week or so, and they keep a journal of all the things Mr. Bear got to do with their family. Kevin is in pre-school, so when the bidding on Mr. Bear got up over $50... I bowed out. It was REALLY cute, but it wasn't *his* class bear. The final price? I think it was $90.00. YIKES! I wasn't able to win either of the things Kevin wanted, so... as a consolation prize... I took him to Build-A-Bear to make his own Mr. Bear. I think he's happy with his consolation prize, what do you think?
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Saturday morning also meant Thomas's first baseball practice of the year. He's a Bomber this year- his first year on a kid-pitch team. Last year he was a little superstar on the t-ball field. We expected him to be on a coach-pitch team this year, but they moved him right into kid-pitch. *lordy* I was nervous- he gets freaked about sports when he doesn't perform well, so I was afraid he'd have a bad practice and be done with the year. Not so. He frikkin' WINGED that ball at the coach. He told me a couple days ago he wanted to be the pitcher. I told him that I wasn't sure if he'd be able to, since the team has been in existence for a few years already- they may already have pitchers. Uh-uh. The coach took a few tosses from Thomas and realized he has quite an arm, so he pegged him as a potential pitcher. WOOT! Then, during batting practice, Thomas nailed the ball twice. One high lob between 1st and 2nd... and one line drive that nearly nailed the coach's right hip! DOH! um... sorry Coach. Shoulda warned you about Thomas's line drive hits... hehe! I wish I had pictures, but we didn't take any.
Needless to say, there will be LOTS of posts and pictures of my little baseball star throughout the spring!


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