Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Heard Around Town

....AFSis wins the basketball pool at work! YAY ME!!!

...."The C-5, at more than six stories tall and nearly the length of a football field, is one of the world's largest aircraft. It's big enough to carry tanks, helicopters and trucks." Until yesterday, there were 112 in service. Now, there are 111. Thank GOD the 17 crew members are all ok. Only 3 remain hospitalized, and are in fair condition.

After the Hanoi Taxi is decommissioned next month, my brother will be assigned to one of these massive planes.

....Flight 93, The Movie, is being released this month. ALa and Lex both sound off, with interesting thoughts about whether or not it's "too soon". For me, it's not the timing, but rather the emotion that will always be associated with 9/11. We will never forget, but there are some things I'd rather not relive either. Chances are, I'll watch the movie on DVD. Once. And that will be more than enough.

....You all know that American Soldier was injured and is back in the US recovering from his IED injuries. But... his current post addresses some additional issues he's dealing with. Hugs to ya, AS, and to your wife as well. Acknowledgement is half the battle, hon.

....Sean is boots-on-ground in Iraq, and livin' la vida loca, compared to the conditions he was under the past two trips to the Sandbox! Be safe, Doc.

....This story will make you look at your oven door in a whole new light. Maybe. Well, maybe you'll look at it and laugh your ass off like I did after reading the story Jack linked to!

....LawDog has a new use for the "Kelo vs. New London" eminent domain ruling. LMAO!

....TF Boggs has some thoughts on Purple Hearts and Politics. I remember reading about Tammy Duckworth running for office, I didn't get the same take on it that Boggs did. He says, "The bottom line is that someone’s ability to lead does not come from their being hurt or captured by an enemy during a time of war. The ability and smarts to lead comes independently of military awards. Watching John Kerry campaign last election and mention over and over about his three Purple Hearts was sickening to me. Someone has to be utterly despicable to talk about how great they were during war. Real soldiers do their job and get on with life."
Here's an excerpt from her site: "I was proud to respond when my country called, and I have no regrets. But from a policy perspective, invading Iraq was a mistake...During my time in Iraq, whenever I had a chance, I talked with Iraqis. They told me that they were glad that Saddam Hussein was gone. Nevertheless, I came away from these conversations with the impression that while they often said what they thought we wanted to hear, they resented what they saw as the occupation of their country. We must understand that this resentment, fueled by insurgent propaganda, continues to grow and creates the conditions for insurgency, making U.S. troops and aid workers the targets."

Well... what do you guys think? I understand Bogg's ability to lead not being the result of an injury or award, but then again, one of our best Presidents ever was an actor before he ran for office. I know she's only won the primary, and not the office yet, but I say we give her a chance. How many politicians actually studied Politics in college anyway? Most of them are business leaders who made the leap to public service.


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