Monday, April 17, 2006

WOW! What a surprise!

Cincinnati Black activist, Kabaka Oba, was shot and killed by another Black activist, Howard Beatty.... and there haven't been any riots! If a white man or the police had "kilt" Kabaka, you can bet there'd be an uproar, but that's not the case. This was another black-on-black crime which will result in the death of one man, and the inprisonment of another. Kabaka Oba has a long history of making trouble in the tri-state. I find his death particularly ironic, considering his history. It's also ironic that outspoken comedian, Bill Cosby, was in Cincinnati the day after the shooting addressing parenting, education and social responsibility during 19th stop on his "A Call Out With Cosby" tour. He told the audience to "put a body on 'em", referring to keeping a close eye on troubled youth, and to stop being so sedate about addressing problems with our children.

Some people side with Kabaka and his lame-ass Black Fist, but this view of him is more accurate- from both the white community, and the black community. I brought this comment up from The Cincinnati Enquirer's blog post about Kabaka's shooting.

"This is what happens when you let the animals run free without the cages. Cincinnati needs more cages, and less loud mouths complaining of police brutality against black Americans. Every black American gunned down by Cincinnati Police had a record a mile long. Gun or no gun, if they didn't get it that day, they would have got it another day because of putting themselves in that situation.

As a Black-American citizen in Amberley Village, one who is educated and looks at all the trash I have to walk past from the parking lot I use, to the building I work (Atrium 2), I am disgusted that citizens like Oba and his black fist, as well as other idiots with their baggy clothes, white tee-shirts, etc., claim to speak for me, the black citizen. I did my part in life, I stayed out of trouble, no record, a BS from UC and a MS from The Ohio State University. I should be the one that speaks for the black-Americans, one who strived to succeed and bring my family wealth and happiness, not the filth that walk through the streets of downtown and OTR that are gang-banging, looking for trouble, looking to take someone out to earn respect of another stupid gang bangin' brother.

Cincinnati has gone to hell. Another riot will make you look bad, not me."

Now, I'm not condoning his death- Beatty will be convicted, I have no doubt. But damn... I sure am glad this asshat is no longer walking the streets of Cincinnati. Goodbye, and Good Riddance, Kabaka.


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