Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Farah.... Such a beautiful little name which has inspired so many. Michael Yon's picture of Major Mark Bieger cradling the injured little girl who eventually died has become a major piece of work. It was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, and was the Reader's Choice winner of Time Magazine's Photo of the Year in 2005. Michael protects this photo with all of his might because of the emotion wrapped up in that blanket. He knows the whole story- after all, he was there.

Insurgents waited until children surrounded our troops to detonate a car bomb, injuring many, and killing little Farah. Major Bieger took her to the US hospital so that she could receive the best care possible, but it just wasn't enough.

Michael has battled with the US Army over copyright protection of his work, and he won. He'll win against HFM too. About two weeks ago, HFM launched their new magazine, "Shock", featuring Michael's photo on the cover with the subscript "WAR IS STILL HELL! Jarring Proof that Iraq is the new Vietnam." Of course there's no mention of the fact that the child on the cover was killed by insurgents, and the great lengths our soldiers took to try to save her. There's no mention of how our soldiers returned to her neighborhood the next day to see if there was anything they could do, and were greeted again with open arms and open doors.

Michael's fighting back, as any US Army Soldier would do. No, he's not in the Army now, but he's still got a LOT of "Army" in him. Don't mess with Michael... you will get burned. It's up to all of us to help Michael win this battle against HFM. We've already done a lot, but now that HFM is backing down on their original deal with Michael, it's time to turn the burners up and REALLY burn their asses.
It's time to boycott the purchase of all HFM publications:
Elle (including Elle Decor and Elle Girl)
Car and Driver
Road and Track
American Photo
Cycle World
Metropolitan Home
Mobile Entertainment
Popular Photograghy and Imaging
Sound and Vision
Women's Day

In addition to boycotting these magazines, you can also write letters to the publishers and distributors

Send the message to HFM, and the rest of the publication world, that if you want to use an image illegally and out of context, you will pay. Dearly.


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