Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Master Splinter

Thomas is officially declared Master Splinter. He's not proud of the name... can't figure out why we keep saying he "did a good job" getting a splinter in his big toe, but DAMN! He did a GOOD JOB getting this splinter in his toe:
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Running across my parent's worn-out deck, he managed to get a gi-enormous piece of wood in his toe. I knew we were in trouble when my Mom called and said "We have a Giant Splinter. Even your DAD couldn't get it out". OH. SHIT. The Bowie-knife-splinter-removal expert couldn't get it out? OH. SHIT. I met them at the doctor's office, but the doc said it was too deep and too splintered (the wood was falling apart when he touched it) for him to remove, and we'd have to take him to the ER.

The ER.
For a splinter.


They gave him a shot of Novocain, pulled out the scissors and cut it out. Did a little lavage, and pulled a little more out with tweezers. So...3 hours and a lot of tears later, we have a smiling, popsicle-eating, toe-bandaged boy sitting on a hospital gurney. One who will NEVER run across my parent's wooden deck barefoot again.
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